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The Services of Anthology:

Anthology is a photography studio known for its wedding photography but is exclusively committed to Documentary Story Telling for friends, couples and families as well as clubs and organizations. These heart-warming chronicles are designed to tell real life stories by capturing both special occasions and everyday life over a period of time.

Although many Life Stories begin as early as a couple’s engagement, a story can always be told during any stage of life! Chapter entries may include occasions like:

…It’s all about the things you do in your life with those you love!

Each are welcome to add to their story as often as desired, whether that means every other month, quarterly, biannually, annually or every so many years. The objective, however, is to tell a complete story with very few gaps.

Photographer’s Baron and Jen celebrate the beauty of relationships and take pride in the preservation of life’s experiences by creating tangible collections that make a wonderful keepsake or heirloom to pass down to help remember the years shared together.

Anthology is committed to each client for life and gives a warm welcome to those who have yet to have their story told!


Weddings By Anthology

When it comes to wedding photography, Baron and Jen want to keep things fun & simple with an all-inclusive coverage without limits! Couples simply decide how long they want their photographers around and the rest is taken care of! Coverage may range from 6 hrs. to Unlimited and include:

Style of imagery can be described as photo-journalistic (spontaneous, ready at every moment), playful, glamorous, sexy and elegantly timeless.

Photographer’s Bio:

Baron and Jen are a husband and wife team who love working together and love what they do! Married for 8yrs and originally from Maui, they moved to Santa Barbara to pursue Jen’s passion for photography.

As an alumna of the Brooks Institute of Photography, Jen spent years helping her husband hone his photographic skills. With a background in finish carpentry, Baron uses his eye for detail to create stunning photographs! Now, the couple travels throughout California (and Hawaii) photographing weddings, portraits and other events.

Jen’s background in beauty and skin care has been an asset to her when advising her clients on how to look their best in front of the camera. Her unique approach to photography is one of many things that help her excel in what she loves.

Often having lasting friendships with their clients, Baron and Jen help make photography a comfortable and fun experience! Together, they aspire to help others see the importance of photography in everyday life…

“…How many times have you read a book or watched a movie that left a smile on your face or a warm feeling inside because it was such a touching story about love, life, growth or triumph? Despite how crazy life might feel at times, we all live these uniquely amazing lives worthy of great novels or movies! …We want to compile and present the personal stories of our clients in a way they have never seen!” - Jen

Bridal Services at Complexions Complements of Anthology

A gift certificate valued at $500 for the services you desire most in preparation for your wedding & honeymoon…